“Vox Sambou: One of five musical acts of the year”
— CBC News
“The showcase of the Montreal-based MC Vox Sambou, a key figure of the rap kreyòl movement, was both explosive and entertaining.
This sharp-witted lyricist and charismatic showman presented a vibrant hip-hop fusion, mixing up his Haitian roots with reggae, Afrobeat, Latin music, and danceable jazz. Vox Sambou’s boundless energy on stage with his six-piece band easily won over the crowd, making him one of the highlights of Visa For Music.”
— Afropop.com



Vox Sambou is originally from Limbé, Haiti.

Founding member of the group Nomadic Massive, with whom he has toured Canada and performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington, in Los Angeles Grand Performances, at the Printemps de Bourges in France.

Now - with his solo project that brings his name "Vox Sambou: voice without borders" - he reached the international scene, performing in the Caribbeans, Latin America, Europe, Senegal, Mali and Burkina Faso, Morocco, China,  SOuth Korea, all over North America.

As a songwriter, he recorded Lakay in 2008, Dyasporafriken in April 2013 and The Brasil Session in 2016.

Vox Sambou is a committed musician who is not afraid to denounce injustice, social imbalances and inequities.

Vox Sambou is crucially involved in the achievement of educational and community projects based in Limbé, Haiti. He is a founding member of Solid’Ayiti, an artists and activists initiative working for a long-term solidarity between Montreal and movements fighting for social justice in Haiti, according to the principles of self-sufficiency, education, decentralization and reforestation.

He holds a BA in Psychology and Anthropology and has been directing for more than 10 years now, The Youth House of the Côte-des-Neiges, a non-profit organization whose mandate is to prevent delinquency among teenagers in the district of Montreal’s Côte-des Neiges.

Educating through Art is equivalent of educating through life. 

“This video (Blacktitude) builds on a trajectory of socially-conscious, contemporary hip-hop that has established Sambou as a key figure on the progressive front of the Rap Kreyòl movement.”
— Artthread.net

The Brasil Session

by Vox Sambou Productions
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hip hop as a tool for social change

Vox Sambou has experience in facilitating workshops using Hip Hop arts and elements as tools to reach, engage, and educate varied audiences in small and large group sizes and can be tailored for different audiences.  

Workshops proposals:

Elementary and high school students

- Historical and critical analysis of Hip Hop culture in Haiti

Young adults

- Planning and elaboration of a multi-day symposium on Hip Hop culture in educational and/or community settings.

- Hip Hop as a tool for social change

-Professionalization of the artist

-The History of Rap in Haïti

Adults and Seniors

- Hip Hop as a tool for social change

-Historical and critical analysis of Hip Hop culture in Haiti

-Planning and elaboration of a multi-day symposium on Hip Hop culture in educational and/or community settings.